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Contributed software/ideas


Links to other FIGlet related sites
Kent Nassen's FIGlet page

xchat FIGlet plugin
SteveC wrote a teeny tiny figlet plug in for xchat that you can find here: http://www.fractalus.com/steve/stuff/figlet/

FIGletdoc - doclet for use by the javadoc tool
FigletDoc (by Paul Johnston) is a simple extension to the "standard" doclet used by the javadoc tool. The only difference FigletDoc makes to the standard doclet is that is prints the name of the class or interface using figlet, a simple and satisfying utility that prints horizontal banners.

Web based FIGlet frontends
PAT or JK's Text ASCII Art Generator (TAAG)
Julius Kammerl's FIGlet generator
MudMagic.Com: FIFlet server
Aaron 'Fu' Müller's FIGlet Server
Lon Koenig's FIGlet Server
Joerg Seyfferth's FIGlet server
Alexander Stoever's Figlet Webapplication

Places that mention or have pages for FIGlet
Yahoo:Arts:Computer Generated:ASCII Art:Figlet

e-mail FIGlet Server
Michel Eftimakis' e-mail FIGlet server (put "Figlet: Help" in the subject line) if you don't want to run the program on your own machine.

MS-DOS Utilities
There is an MS-DOS program called Fabs which can use FIGfonts, although it is not connected to our effort in any way.

Windows Utilities
Email Effects does a lot of other things besides FIGlet. This is available for both

Mac Utilities
MacOSX Dashboard Widget

emacs lisp functions to call FIGlet from emacs
Martin Giese contributed the source for some emacs lisp functions he uses to call FIGlet from emacs. They put the result in a comment, depending on which kind of file you're editing.

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